Colt 45 Strong Inc. , 501c3

My Name is COLT

I am a 13-Year-Old leukemia, AML Warrior

Colt, was diagnosed with leukemia, AML. He was treated at Oishei Children’s Hospital in Buffalo, N.Y. He went through cycles of aggressive treatment and then had a bone marrow transplant November 1st.

About Colt

On May 2nd 2021, our lives were totally and irrevocably changed when our 10-year old son, Colt, was diagnosed with leukemia, AML. He was treated at Oishei Children’s Hospital in Buffalo, N.Y. He went through cycles of aggressive treatment and then had a bone marrow transplant November 1st. His little brother Jack was his perfect donor match!

After leaving the hospital in December he had been treated at Roswell Park. He has had the best care by all at OCH and Roswell. Colt spent from December until February 9th at the Ronald McDonald House of Western NY. Everyone there made us feel so welcomed and it truly became our home away from home. Colt was able to ring the bell at Roswell to celebrate remission and 100 days post-transplant. He continued going to Roswell weekly and then once every other week then we got to once a month. He went back to school and started back up with his swim team in November of 2022. He started competing in January 2023, swimming faster times than before. It was truly amazing to see him back in the water doing what he loves. All was starting to getting back to a new normal. Fast forward to February 2023. A year after he rang the bell he had an end of treatment bone marrow biopsy. There were no concerns, no worries, all of his labs were great, engraftment from transplant was perfect, this was supposed to be routine. Later that week we found out he had relapsed. Our world once again was rocked. We all were truly in shock. He immediately started treatment inpatient.

Colt has been such a different child this time around. A true warrior with the mindset of “Let’s go, give it to me, get the job done and get me out of here”. He truly continues to amaze us each and every day. He always has a smile on his face and is always willing to be there for his warrior friends. He cares so deeply. He was able to leave the hospital for a month and was outpatient at Roswell doing more chemo because the relapse chemo didn’t get the job done. Well, that second round of chemo also didn’t fully get the job done, so here we are back inpatient getting another aggressive round. We pray his body can handle this round, we pray it gets the job done and we will then go right to his second bone marrow transplant. Colt is currently continuing to fight like hell, stay strong, positive and always fight ready. Chemo started back up on June 16th and his transplant took place on June 21st. He is continuing to stay strong and focusing on keeping his body healthy. Colt just celebrated his 13th birthday. Please continue to pray for our amazing warrior. We hope that by reading and following his story, you can keep updated on Colt’s progress and people can offer support. We also hope to raise awareness that pediatric cancer is real, and affects families every day.

What Colt has always wanted to do was to help others the way so many people and organizations have helped him. His 501c3 is one way to raise awareness to pediatric cancer, as well as to help raise funds for other children and their families who find themselves in similar situations. Colt45 is determined, fierce, and destined to make a difference. He has always been kind and compassionate, but tough times make for tough people, and Colt has become infinitely more resilient as a result. This 501c3 embodies what we love about Colt45: kind and caring, while also strong and determined.

Mission Statement

To support pediatric cancer warriors and their families physically, emotionally and financially; to raise awareness, and to provide hope and optimism.


Transplant Bags - Wrapped in Love

Colt knows all about long hospital stays, he is putting together these totes and bags to provide comfort, love and support while in the hospital for those long stays .

You are more than welcome to donate towards the bags and baskets in any amount or you can sponsor a bag. If you are interested in sponsoring a bag, please send us an email for more details. A beautiful bag or basket for parents or patients to use is filled with nice bedding and a comforter and satin pillowcases, pajamas, room decor, positive message board, a game or toy, a fun pillow or stuffed animal , sibling and parent gift cards and much more personalized items from Colt 45.
Also we will recognize on Social media who sponsored the bag and in the bag there will be a sponsored by…… note.